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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Sunken Meadow State Park
The Pavilion  
Kings Park, NY 11754


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Austin's Avengers - Captain: Victoria Byrne

Thank you for supporting our team and Alexander's Angels work on behalf of the Down syndrome community (Since 2007).

Our Story:

A pregnancy is always a joyful time in one's life!  Finding out during our pregnancy that we had a 99% chance of our son having Down Syndrome...well our days began to be  filled with tears for the unknown...then smiles and laughter and 7 1/2 more months of tears and smiles back and forth and thoughts of that 1% chance of our son possibly not having Down Syndrome.  Already having our first son born with a severe heart condition, of course intensified our chances of having a child with another heart condition. 

Then tears of joy and love and happiness when we heard the first cries of our little Austin!  I will never forget that moment when the only question in my mind was if he was blue...if he could breathe...there wasn't another thought at that moment as to if whether or not he had Down Syndrome .. that moment only confirmed our thoughts that it didn't matter...our family was now complete!

Instead of being comforted that he could breathe and he wasn't blue...a nurse came to my side and tried to gently calm us down by saying, " your baby was born a little different and doesn't look like you and your husband."  As she tried to continue, it was that moment that my super hero of a Doctor stopped her in her tracks and told her that we already knew that he was perfect and to leave the room.  It was that moment that we knew we were blessed with so much love and joy with our new little angel.

Austin has thrived over the past 3 1/2 years in every way possible.  We have met so many amazing families and friends through the Down Syndrome Awareness Foundation and have learned that children with Down Syndrome all meet their milestones very differently.  Austin loves to run and play with his big brother...he thrives through music and there isn't a moment that he isn't dancing with laughter and smiles.  He knows about 30 different signs and communicates with us through sign language and beginning to have more and more sound approximations.  We have been blessed that Austin's health is stellar and always look forward to watching his new personality traits envelop! 

Our journey thus far has only confirmed that we are a family of super hero's and are filled with love and joy from so many other super hero's in our circle of friends and family!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!  We hope that you will join us as a Super one of Austin's Avengers at Long Island's Annual Buddy Walk as we contribute towards a great cause...a cause that continues to help our angels with Down Syndrome.

If you are joining our team for October 20th, please email the t-shirt sizes of your registered family members to for a special t-shirt for the event! 

Team Goal
Team Registrants
Amelia Lomonaco
Michael Tyczkowski
Alicea Allison
Jacob Hinde
Alex Da Silva
Brayden Lupo
Damian Singer
Emma Hinde
Erika Serraino
Mia Maissonneuve
Mitch Serraino
Joseph Rinaldi Jr.
Evan Renahan
Paige Renahan
Nailah Maissoneurve
Lavinia Singer
Emily Renahan
Philip Rinaldi
Mariel Lupo
Corinne Hinde
Stephen Rinaldi
Adelyn Hinde
Brittany Singer
Victoria Byrne
Donna Rinaldi
Vanessa Cappiello
Dylan Cappiello
Brianne Krakaur
Dave Renahan
Stella Krakaur
Holland Lomonaco
Ray Mannino
Ariana Lupo
James Byrne
Brayden Tyczkowski
Corinne Giuliano
Serena Acevedo
Austin Byrne
Donna Renahan
Elizabeth Rinaldi
Nathan Krakaur
Derek Rinaldi
Kyler Tyczkowski
Shannon Yorie-Tyczkowski
Rebecca Byrne
Aidan Byrne
Donna Rinaldi
Avaleigh McCoy
Ryan Serraino
Sophia Cappiello
Joseph Rinaldi
Adam Serraino
Team Fundraisers
Team Donors
The Byrnes of Nola
The Cappiello Family
Alex/ Frank
The Renahan Family
Donna Rinaldi
The Singers
The Byrne Family
Ann Famularo
Serena Acevedo
Rebecca Byrne
The Hinde Family
The Brownie Family
The Powell Family
Tyczkowski family
Proud Sponsors of Alexander's Angels 12th Long Island Buddy Walk
About the Buddy Walk

The Buddy Walk® was created by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  The Buddy Walk® has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to over 250 each year with at least one in every state across the country and many abroad.  The Buddy Walk program is supported nationally by NDSS and organized at the local level by parent support groups and other organizations, schools, and motivated individuals. 

Alexander's Angels has been the organizer of the Buddy Walk® on Long Island since its inception in 2007.  In addition to sustaining the corporation, funds raised by Alexander's Angels benefit local programs and services, Down syndrome cognitive research, as well as local and national advocacy and awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

Alexander's Angels Mission
Alexander's Angels, Inc. Mission:  To further awareness of the contributions and needs of individuals with Down syndrome and to raise funds for advocacy, service, and research organizations.
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